Over eight times more people use Musicmatch than iTunes

I just posted the article Over eight times more people use Musicmatch than iTunes.

 MusicMatch Jukebox is now in  the top ten of the most popular applications on the Internet. At least it was in  the month of February 2004. This is according to Nielsen/NetRatings, which just ...
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Musicmatch sux, the only people I know that use it, use it because it was preinstalled on their machine when they bought it. It is way too bloated, has crappy popups wanting you to purchase the full version, and automatically sticks itself in your startup. Winamp beats this application in every way possible.

Title is a bit misleading. (typo) ::

Yup - you are right I fixed it! :slight_smile: Duh I just saw the typo
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What a crappy soft !

itunes is good but MusicMatch is great best in it’s class.

Musicmatch Jukebox really sux in my opinion. There’s no reason why you should prefer Musicmatch Jukebox over Winamp.

Completely agree.

well, although musicmatch is really slow and bloated, it does have one feature no one else has: the ablility to view by album and sort by artist at the same time. None of the other ones (iTunes, WMP, winamp) let you do that. This is very handy when you have more than 100 GB of albums.

I love MusicMatch for the supertagging Mp3 feature. Finds album/artist/album art info for your mp3s automatically.

I have been a MM Jukebox user for over 6 years and have to say, I LOVE it! I have tried winamp, Itunes, WMP and always end up back at MMJ…I get no popups, and it’s easy enough to go to msconfig and stop it from loading at startup.

Umm, Music Match has 8x mores users than iPod? WTF, that’s comparing Apple’s and Orange’s. Two completely different products.

quoting akns: “the ablility to view by album and sort by artist at the same time” uh, sorry, iTunes does have that. It lets you you browse by Genre, Artist, or Album - and then in addition in the song list, sort by Song Title, Album Name, Song Number, Song Length, Genre, Year, and about 10 other critera. The only thing I like about MusicMatch is the ability to automatically tag my mp3s in batchs through GraceNote (or whatever they use).

Well, iTunes does let you browse by Genre, Artist or album, just like WMP9, but you can’t view all of the albums at once sorted by artist. Eg, in iTunes, you click the “browse” eye button, and you get a list of genre, artist and album. However, there is no way to sort the albums by artist, or connect the album column to the artist one so that they move together. To get an idea of what this would feel like, you really have to try using Musicmatch itself. Not really a big deal, but once you start getting tons of albums, then it really becomes useful.

aviationwiz- I shoulda wrote iTunes. Did I mention that I was struck in the head by a car bumper in my developing years? My brother in law just bought an iPod mini so I guess I was thinking about that. :B

What’s MusicMatch? You may think I’m joking but I haven’t got a clue what it is, or iTunes for that matter. What’s all the fuss about?

I LOVE musicmatch… but ONLY to rip my cd’s into mp3’s… THATS IT. It’s a handy little utility i have 4 that. To play my music I DO USE WINAMP, but i’ve never gotten rid of musicmatch because i can rip my cd’s, ID tag them, get the file info off the web automatically, rip them at ANY mp3 quality, and they’re titled ANY way i want them… example: Artist name - Album Name - Track Number - Track Name, etc. if there’s another utility that can do THE EXACT same thing as musicmatch, plz someone speak up. for playing music, i hate musicmatch, thats y i got winamp

That’s like Apple’s claim of G5 being the fastest computer. The only reason this happening is 1) The retail PC market is way way way larger than the Apple market, 2) MM comes pre-installed and J6P tend to use whatever comes w/ the system, 3) J6P doesn’t know how to uninstall a program, 4) They surveyed trailor park trash. iTunes (Mac version) is by far the best music app. For the Mac version you can easily by-pass any CD encryption that makes ripping impossible or very difficult if you try it on PC. AAC, period. Easy to use w/o a ton of options. Sharing your iTunes music library over network (great for intra-office and intra-university). And of course, one click music purchase. I don’t use it cause I for one actually wants and buys the actual CD.

People are actually ripping and encoding with MusicMatch? * intervention * Go with EAC and LAME dude. MP3 TagTools for id3s. It’s a pain in the arse, but if you’re at all interested in quality it’s worth it. Seriously.