Over clocking of my laptop

how are we
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i got a laptop HP Preserio m2000 how should i proceed with
overclocking the system STEP BY STEP as i may not know
enough about motherboard BIOS etc
thanks again waiting for a call

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As a general rule, I’d advise against overclocking a laptop due to their limited cooling capabilities. But someone else might be able offer some tips. I’m moving your thread to the General Hardware forum, where you should get more informed replies.

Overclocking is not possible, with some modded drivers you can tweak your graphic some but it could cost you the whole mother board if you do it wrong.

[QUOTE=~Jethro~;2484154]Overclocking is not possible[/QUOTE]

I second that; if you want to play with overclocking, buy a desktop with AMD processor and a big can of liquid nitrogen!