Over 400 TV stations drop analog signals

I just posted the article Over 400 TV stations drop analog signals.

Roughly 36 percent of U.S. television stations have already gone completely digital, eschewing the four extra months of analog over-the-air broadcast time allowed by the government.
This percentage…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15546-Over-400-TV-stations-drop-analog-signals.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15546-Over-400-TV-stations-drop-analog-signals.html)

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Good move, it worked. Lazy asses immediatly went and bought their converter box as predicted by many.

The official delay was a mistake and won’t change anything. Only under crisis (if you can call that a crisis) will people actually act accordingly.

LOOOL! I love the image for the news story. That thing has analog written all over it! Hahahhahah! Zoom in and you can see someone standing in the center of the screen with a striped shirt…:eek:

Congrats to the Broadcaster to finally get off their asses and move forward as North America is slow ass in technology these days!!! Either we get it or move to it or somone else will !!! ie Other Countries

Dang! I wanted to hook up some rabbit ears to one of my old analog TVs and watch it explode when the switch-over happened. (Isn’t that what was supposed to happen?)
I missed it! It would have been cool to see that TV in pieces, or maybe melted down to a puddle.
Maybe I can get some joy at the later date.

Can someone remind me how coupons for boxes helps to relieve banking mismanagement and mortgage crisis? Leave it to congress to use our money to really tackle the tough issues!!!