Oveclocking a AMD Barton3200+ w/ Watercooling

Well I got my watercooling system installed today and am enjoying it very much. 31C under load. Yay, more than a 20 degree drop from my air cooling. Anyway, I’m ready to do some overclocking.

Here are my specs:
Athlon 3200+
Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro2 Mobo (nforce2)
Corsair Hydrocool200EX watercooler
Corsair PC3200 memory in Dual Channel 2X512mb
ATI AIW 7500
Creative Live 5.1
Linksys Wireless Card
Promise Ultra133
Onboard SATA and Gigaraid

Can’t think of any other info to provide, other than I want to do some serious overclocking. Any suggestions?

How much for Corsair Hydrocool200EX?

What would you like to overclock?

Cpu is down to one factor: is it locked? if yes then you will only be able to change the fsb. If not you should be able to change the multiplier. Nforce2 mobos lock the memory and vga so that what you do on the cpu is just done on the cpu. This is great because you can up the fsb as much as the chip can handle without damaging anything else.

Memory wise, just set it to the lowest times as possible. In my mobo i have a setting called “aggressive”

What graphics card do you have? These can have a nice performance boot if done correctly.

This is a general starting point. From there once it is stable you can adjust each component to get the best combination.

I paid USD$211 on newegg, it was listed as just the Hydrocool200 version no EX, but I can’t tell the difference :confused:

Well after some tinkering I have found out it is locked :sad: I tried changing the multiplier settings via motherboard switches and cpuz reported no changes. Most I could boot up with on FSB was 225 * multiplier of 11 = 2475mhz, not that great of an overclock I guess. Anyway, I was trying to find some info on unlocking it and came accross people talking about the wire trick. I couldn’t find any specific instructions on this. Any clues?

Also I have the ATI AIW 7500 graphics card, not the fastest but it works ok, I mainly want to overclock the cpu.