Outstanding Results Using DVD Fab "Express" With AnyDVD


After all the glowing reports of the merits of DVD Fab - I downloaded the free trial of Platinum version and have been using the ‘Express’ part exclusively - and running with AnyDVD in the background - have had outstanding results with my last 26 backup burns-

The most notible is the speed that the combo gives and richness and depth of color over ANY other processes I have used (InterVideo, DVDshrink, Nero Recode2, etc) - and I am viewing on a 57" Hitachi Ultravision HDTV from a Panasonic S77 upconverting DVD player.

Me personally - I am going to buy ‘Express’ at the end of my trial period-



Glad to hear of your successes with express, I’ve been a happy and satisfied user of platinum, (esp. express), for a little over a year now. I also own AnyDVD and love it as well. Now to my point of confusion. Why are you running 2 decrypting applications simultaneously?..and why aren’t you experiencing, at least some trouble, with conflicts?

Anyway, maybe you’ve stumbled on something here…I don’t understand it… :confused: , but hell, if it works, why not?

I agree with Tom, not sure why you are not getting conflicts with 2 decrypters running but if it works use it.


Yo guys-

Well it works - and for me - works extremely well-

I just sorta stumbled onto it - and the results are simply outstanding - and the last 28 backups straight without any problems - and this with all the latest releases too!!