Output video is poorer quality than other products

Hello all, hope I am not repeating a link. I searched but no luck.
Just purchased 5045 model, arrived last night. Was made Feb 2005. Love all about it but the poor picture quality. I have it hooked to a Sony 42 High Def, but not expecting high def. Output from both HDD and DVD +RW are not much better than a VCR player. Not much resolution, blurry faces, detail lost, etc. I do have a Philips DVDR75 that is a noticably better picture from recordings onto nearly any disc.
Input is from Direct TV HD satellite receiver into the S-video and output through the component video.
Is this lower picture quality the nature of the beast? (I just returned another DVD recorder with hard drive due to poor picture quality). Am I a conspiracy nut thinking Hollywood is forcing lower quality output? Is there another good recorder with a good picture, or do I have to build my own?
I would really like to keep this one as it is user friendly.
Thanks again!

Hi Sky==I am very happy with my 5045 picture quality at its lowest setting (6hr). It is superior to 4-5 tv card tuners for the pc that I tried and I would say its the “same” as broadcast tv. Is the recorded picture less than the direct view??? If so, I would think something is wrong with the encoder/decoder or whatever==they should be “indistinguishable.”

If you are using less compression, then compare it to sources other than broadcast tv==after that, it is your call based on your perceptions. If its broken, return it. If its not broken and not good enough, return it.

All experts disagree with me but I believe watching a moving picture is very different experience from examining a still taken from the video stream. Video stream may show artifacts that just aren’t noticeable when viewing normally. I do think from my own testing that all these artifacts and such are supposed to go away once is using the higher recording speeds==but again, some experts will claim “anything less than xx is garbage.”

Get what you like as you have to live with it. Cheers.////bobbo.

Thanks for the reply.
The picture is noticably lesser quality than the broadcast from over the air and satellite. I agree, it should be no different. (it is perfect on my Philips DVDR 75).I used HQ, the best setting and recorded NCIS.
I played a disc recorded in my Philips, looks great in my Philips, but not as good in the Lite On (Imation +RW disk). I record in the Lite On and put it in the Philips, and it is same lower quality.
Perhaps I will return it. Do any on the firmware downloads improive this?
The thing is so user friendly, and it is hard to find one with a hard drive that records to +R/RW, that I would like to keep it if the quality can be improved.

Again==I’m no expert, but it sounds to me like something is wrong with your unit. I can’t tell the difference between tv picture alone, thru the Liteon, recorded by liteon, or S-VHS tapes ((except tape still has an occasional jitter the liteon seems to be free of–except for the ocassional pixilation which usually was in the original signal==>always a trade-off)). As hinted above, I’m not a slouch on image quality either which is why I went with the Liteon rather than the 4-5 computer solutions that I returned. I don’t think the software updates are meant to address your issues, but they might even though a clear picture should be mandatory for every one of the software versions?

I would return the unit to point of purchase and get another one until you find one you like. My first liteon was excellent in every respect “except” it had very limited blank media compatibility. Instead of exchanging it, I sent it to Liteon for repair. Got it back in 3 weeks. Couldn’t be happier with the unit ((accepting all its design shortcomings which can’t be “fixed.”)).- - -hope you kept your receipt!!! ///bobbo.

I think the problem is LITEON and the components they use. I too have noticed average to poor encoding and decoding of discs. I think it is more of an encoder quality issue. Too much softening/filtering is applied to the incoming video prior to compressing. I avoid liteon dvd recorders for that reason. I have returned mine and now I am using an Instant DVD 2.0… the capture quality is just as good and sometimes better than the original. As for a DVD recorder you will get better images from a Sony & Pioneer recorder than ANY Liteon out there…and yes I have personally compared it myself. You can NEVER know it unless you have tried it yourself and COMPARED, you would be surprised the CRAP some of those dvd reocrders out there make… You would THINK your DVD is decent, but once you compare before and after and compare other brands you would be shocked.

If I am not mistaken, that model of LITEON uses the LSI chipset, in my experience with that chipset I have noticed that it does NOT optimised for lower bit rates, CONTRARY to what is stated in the specs. I use to own a NLE card based on an older LSI chipset and had the same quality issues at anything below 6-7mbit/s.

Also the TUNER used on those liteons is another major problem, they are poor. You will probably get the best picture from using the S-Video inputs, but again, not as good as other recorders.

But you are right, the quality is better than a lot of the TV tuner cards for the PC out there - all except the ADS Instant DVD 2.0 and DVD+mp3 capture devices which have excellent capture quality, nearly identical to the original.

Can I replace the encoders things with a better quality things?
I do like the 5045’s features, and there is precious little out on the market that is user friendly, has a hard drive or DVD, and writes to +R/RW (I have a bunch of the discs to use).

I looked at Pioneer and nothing out there right now. Sony is known for the harsh enforcement of copy protection. Someone noted it will not record anything from Direct TV, which is what I have. Also, they are not putting the s-video input in the back, only on the front. Before finding out that, it was my first choice.

Please tell me more about the Instant DVD 2.0. This area is above my knowledge base (I’m a baby steppin’ techie). Does it work only capturing to a PC or can I insert it before the the input of the Lite On?

Many thanks