Output to one file?

I am looking for a quicker way to backup movies to my server. I normally run “Main Movie” to the HD and then combine the .vob files into one large .vob file with VideoRedo. Is there a way to just rip to one large .vob file within DVDFab Platinum (or some other format that won’t give me any degration and won’t take 2+ hours to get done)? I was going to go the .avi/xvid route, but I hate to see quality loss. TIA

Not sure how long VideoRedo takes but DVDShrink has a single file output option if you want to stick with VOBs. You’ll probably still need to stick with DVDFab for decryption. This function has been requested fairly recently in the Feature Request thread. Processing time for Xvid AVIs is a killer. Shrink will blow through an unencrypted movie pretty fast.

I used Shrink for a long time. It’s a great piece of software for what I used it for. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get decryption updates. I used to use DVDFab Decrypter with DVD Shrink until I purchased DVDFab Platinum and VideoRedo (works great to edit out commercials from ts files). Now, I go through the routine of my original post. It takes VideoRedo 10-15 minutes to run a Quickstream Fix which merges all the .vob files into one large .vob. It’s not a big deal. I just thought that I was missing something that may already be a part of DVDFab Platinum. Maybe it will be implemeted in a future release. Thanks