Output size issue :(



Hi guys, wonder if you can help with this?

I made a full dvd using DVD-lab out of Friends series 9 SVCD’s. Unfortunately dvd-lab said the files were too big to burn to one disk.
So i opened dvd2one to shrink them a bit, but no matter how many times i enter DVD+RW 4472mb it always comes out at 4.39 gig. In other words its shaving like 10 meg off the original files at the most.
Where am i going wrong?



lower the output size from 4472 to 4400, that will solve your problem.


No it doesnt :frowning:
Neither does 4444.
I have given up on it for now, and burnt it to two disks.
I have spent far more time on it that i should have :wink:

Thanks for the help anyway! Appreciated.


That was meant to be a sad face, not an angry face btw :bigsmile: