Outpost.com Seagate 500gb Retail 16mb PATA 5yr warranty $99.99 shipped no Rebate

Well, saw it over on FW and had to let y’all know. I’m sure PATA drive prices will be dropping fast. 20 cents a gig is a pretty good deal though, especialy on a Seagate drive. So here it is. Grab 'em up my freaky CD family! :clap:



If you wait for tomorrow’s Fry’s Electronic Friday, ad you might get the same deal @ their store also if you happen to have Fry’s stores in your area.

gonna prolly get this. thanks for the notice. i got a 200GBer that is dieing. or such. reading and writing to/from it takes forever most of the time. thanks.

Check the DMA settings in your bios under integrated preipherals.


This one’s dead. Now $170.


$10 more you get SATA version

That’s what i would get. The SATA version :iagree:

Its back down to $99 again. FYI, their is a Maxtor Sata version for the same price, most people seem to say its a rebadge and you get a Seagate 7200.10 HD. The only problem is you only get 3 years warranty since its Maxtor branded instead of the 5 years you would normally get on a Seagate.

I have two machines, only one machine that has SATA channels, and that also supports 6 IDE devices, and I also have 3 USB and 1 firewire case, all PATA, so for me and anyone like me, this is a pretty sweet deal. :slight_smile:


Save your IDE lanes for whenever the BenQ 1640, 1655 pops up on the market. I envy you to have so many IDE channels. Damn new intel chip, dont even have any support for IDE anymore and the motherboard companies have to add another mass storage chip, more drivers to load, and takes longer to load the cmos since it has to detect the JMICRON mass storage chip everytime I restart my computer. My next board is gonna be an NVIDIA chipset board and hoping NVIDIA would not reduce the PATA channel support like intel chip

FYI - the new Nvidia chipsets only have one IDE controller.

are there even any performance difference between regular ide and sata? i assume there are differences in the spec…but in actual performance?

backup to 169$ again, so it seems

Not currently, and even if so, its like so minimal that it wouldn’t really matter.

well, not physically, but psychologically, it is and it counts

Back to $99.99 with free shipping.