Outlook Express

When i send a large file, i get a message saying that it has waited for 60sec what do i want to do, there’s a wait & stop button. the file is sending so all i do is press wait and the file is sent.

Is there a setting i can change to make it wait longer than 60sec. before it gives me this warning box. i did read about it in a magazine, but it was thrown out due to relationship problems.



Sorry to hear about the relationship … and, for this matter … about the magazine as well. :slight_smile:

I’m not the expert on this, but you can go into [TOOLS] >> [ACCOUNTS]:

  • Double click (or highlight & click properties) your email account
  • In the [ADVANCED] tab, you’ll see “SERVER TIMEOUTS”: adjust as desired.
  • You can set this as long as 5 minutes.

Hope that helps. Cheers. :slight_smile:

That was what i was looking for, cheers ninbang :clap:

the relationship is now over, but it is a bit difficult still staying under the same roof. so it’s back to the drawing board :bigsmile: but thanks for the kind words.

That sounds rather complicated. :wink:


As a male, the way to get the female to move out after a relationship has turned sour is to date her friends.

Same works in reverse, although the relationship of (how good of a friend):(how fast they move out) is usually biased in the males favor.

I would but see was the best looking out of them all, lol.
The only problem is the house is in both our names, I was going to move back to my folks house but thought f*!k it, she made the decision, she can move out. Only problem is, she’s nowhere to go,so today i’m away to se if i can buy her out of the house :bigsmile: