Outlook express addresses kept where?



I’ve installed XP on a new HD and the backup I have of my e-mail addys is a few missing.
I can read the old HD but for the life of me cannot find the old outlook express address book. Anyone know where it is kept?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:


doesn’t matter thanks found it, but it still isn’t there so well confused now …


In Outlook Express, file>export>address book. save to file. Then in new system open Outlook Express, file> import> address book, from saved location.


Hi DaneR,

There is an address book for each user set up on your machine. Look here on your system drive [C]?:

Documents and Settings>Username(e.g.DaneR)>Application Data>Microsoft>Address Book> file will be username.wab

Hope this helped


A little addition: go to start -> run and type “wab”… this will start the Windows Address book manager :slight_smile: