Outlander season 3 - trouble digitizing episodes

I’m using MacX DVDRipper Pro to digitize Outlander Season 3 DVD into episodes - 13 in all. All convert fine except episodes 1 & 3. #1 gives me about 21 minutes & #3 gives me about 48 minutes. They should each be about an hour. I’m converting them to .mp4 format and have also tried MKV format. Appreciate any advice on getting these two episodes to convert properly.

I don’t use Mac’s so I’ll be of little help. If you are converting to mp4 straight from the disc, you might want to do an intermediate step instead. Rip to the hard drive without conversion. You should have the complete DVD on the hard drive in its original format. Check to make sure you have correctly ripped from the disc by playing back the episodes in question, then convert from that point.

Once decrypted and on the hard drive, you should also be able to convert with another tool if necessary. Handbrake has a version for Mac’s.

Thanks for that idea. I’m making an ISO copy now and will try converting an mp4 from that.

You might want to try MakeMKV
It works on Mac
You should be able to pull the episodes individually