Outdated floppy disks major sales hit for American entrepreneur



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Although floppy disks are replaced by many other storage mediums, they still sell like hotcakes.

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Its still one of the best fool-proof ways to boot an older PC when all else fails. I keep a floppy drive around with a USB interface.


Wow, the 720k are now dearer than the 1.44MB

I think I still have about a case of floppies (the 1.44MB) stocked up and then floppies faded away - also used to play around with fancy formatters such as NFORMAT - amazing how much faster the disk is when formatted with stagger - an offset of 3 allows for a step, while most drive can get away with 0 for the head switch.


Let us bust out the 8-inchers!!!


[QUOTE=TSJnachos117;2761284]Let us bust out the 8-inchers!!![/QUOTE] I didn’t know it was [I]that[/I] kind of forum! :bigsmile:


@CDan, why not just use a CD-R? You could also just create a bootable usb drive which would be better.


Scratch a CDR and it’s NUKED! You can’t scratch a Floppy.


I genuinely threw out about two hundred of them last year. :eek::rolleyes:



Scratch a CDR and it’s NUKED! You can’t scratch a Floppy.

Let me introduce you to Mr Magnet. :disagree:

Lived in Asia for a couple of years and mould really like growing on the mylar. Rooted them really quick. :iagree: Really must find a use for the 200 Kodak Gold CDs that I purchased many, many years ago. Curse you DVDs. :sad:


Having rescued all of my floppies which survived the cleanout of the late nineties and early 2000s - I have one machine with an internal floppydrive still (my trusted ripstation), even my latest server 2012R2Â has one USB floppy constantly connected. This is of course since I still come by quite some collections present in various server rooms where I work. Whenever I come by originals, I ask if I can borrow the diskettes. More often than not I am asked to take all and destroy them after I have gotten whatever I am after.
Sure enough, by the use of the Kryoflux interface, most can still be copied some 30 years after creation.
Now, for destruction, say hello to the 1 kg magnet I got in my posession at the age of 12 and my scissors. The combination never failed me :smiley:


I still have a few internal floppydrives on the shelf and 1 usb version around…
And of course a box with around 30 floppies, the 1st 1 on top being my trusted windows 98 bootfloppy. :slight_smile:
I have also still an untouched MS-DOS 6.22 package around…:cool: