Out of synch

Hi. I’m a complete newbie to the DVD burning world, and this is my first post on this forum.

With a lot of help from my nephew (who is a computer wiz but new to DVD burning,) I recorded a VHS tape onto the hard drive and burned a DVD. For some reason, the video is about one second ahead of the audio from the very beginning and all the way through, even though it’s in synch on the HD.

Another problem is chaptering. I put 31 chapters in, and my nephew created a terrific menu (I have no idea how he did it,) but the DVD doesn’t just play, it awaits a menu choice. Is there a way to add “Play” to the menu?

I tried the DVD in both my computer and my regular DVD player, and the DVD works in both once I make a menu choice, but the out-of-synch problem is present on both players.

My computer is a Dell Pentium IV, 2.2GHz, 512k RAM, Philips DVD+RW. I purchased the Dazzle Digital Video Creator 80, and that came with Pinnacle Studio 8. This is the software I used. My computer also came with software that Dell calls “MyDVD.” Maybe that software would work better?

Is there a way to edit/fix the burned DVD itself, since it’s DVD+RW, or is the one I burned useless and repairs must be made on the HD, even though that version is fine?

I’m at a total loss here, and any information/guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you!

I have no real experience with Pinnacle Studio 8 so cant help your directly.

However if the audio is out by 1 sec all the way through, use SmartRipper to demux the Video & Audio streams out of the VOB files on your HD. Use AC3 Delay Corrector (from dowload sec of www.doom9.net) to offset the audio, then author your files back together again using TMPGEnc DVD Author.