Out of Sync Video and Sound?



Running AnyDVD and CloneDVD Burned at 12X using Yuden000 T02. No problem with the Nero DVD speedtest.

100% video quality with main movie and English AC 3/6. I noticed that the audio and video MAY BE a tad bit out of sync throughout the movie.

I’ve compared this DVD with the original. Really hard to say if the original is much better. Perhaps I’m looking too hard for something that isn’t there?

Has anyone encountered similar problem?



I havn’t seen that problem in over a year, I never mentioned it, because I just took the movie out put something else in to test, the second movie played fine so I put the 1st movie back in it played fine, never seen the problem since.

I just thought it was a wierd fluke.


Looks okay now. Murphy’s Law. Thanks for your input.