Out of sync using divxtodvd



can someone help me i can convert the movie from divx to dvd but after i burn it its out of sync help


I’m getting the same problem.


Me too :frowning:

Xvid Avi
MPEG4, 624x252, 23,98fps (an Enterprise Episode :))

48000Hz MP3 @ 125kb/s, Stereo

PAL- and NTSC-DVD, neither work proper (out of sync)

DivX2DVD log tells that the audiostream is 450ms late, but the avi is o.k…



I think it would be worth while reading this thread http://www.cdr-zone.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1826

but otherwise I also heard that even if the dvd plays on your comp and your sound is our of sync, this may not be the case when putting it in your dvd player—I am verys sceptic of this but heh–if it works . . . . . .

For the moment VSO has cannot resolve this problem