Out of Sync Original dvd?

I just got the movie ‘blow’ on sale, and for some reason the sound and video are out of sync, whats up with that?? I have tried playing from both my sony standalones and through my computer, whats up with that???

was it purchased from a reputable retail chain?

i would definitely try to exchange it. unless of course it’s a bootleg copy in which case you’re probably stuck.

that’s very strange indeed.

an original i think at least lol, Got it at a flea market :frowning: i shouldve known to buy there, meh.

do you have anydvd?

if you look at the anydvd info window and there doens’t seem to be any protection (CSS) or any region coding on the disc then you probably got yourself a fake.

you can post it here if you’re not sure what to look for.

and yep…next time buy from a store. there’s a reason those people are selling at flea markets!

An easier way to know if it is an original, just look at the recording surface, is it silver colour or purple/red ? If it is silver then it is an original DVD. It is very unlikely that an original DVD will be out of sync of course unless you have issues with your DVD player, :smiley: I have yet to have any DVD out of sync.

Even if it were a COPY it should not be out of sync unless someone has attempted to dismantle it, edit it and re-author and the person was a real idiot :smiley:

i thought this was the case as well, but I’ve been informed that larger scale operations actually press discs.

the recording surface color is no longer a true indication anymore.

if it’s purple then it’s DEFINITELY a bootleg, but if it’s silver then you should still double check for protection, region coding, etc, etc