Out of sync issue

I am new to these forums and also new to DVD burning software and am looking for help on an issue i’ve had.

Im using ConvertXtoDVD burning software, and i have made several films on Windows Movie Maker, comprised of film and photos, which i want to burn onto one dvd. The process goes through fine, but when i play the dvd back (ive tried on several dvd players) it’s all out of sync, and flicks through the pictures much quicker than it should. Then when it comes to a bit of video, it looks like its “loading” for a second before playing, again pushing the whole thing out of sync.

Previously i had burnt a film of purely photos onto dvd (with audio overlay etc) and it was completley fine, but now its just not working?

any help greatley appreciated.

PS. i have also tried turning the interleave option on and off, and the same problem has happened both times.

What format are the Files in WMV, AVI, MPEG?