Out Of Sync Audio (Sorry I know its been done to death!)



I am using Nero Vision and have been using it fine until I downloaded Prison Break episodes and tried to copy them to DVD.

They start off fine but the audio jumps out of sync ridiculously about 20 minutes through each episode, its so bad its unwatchable.

What makes matters worse is that I have deleted the original AVI files.

Is there any way I could transfer the DVDs back to my hard disk and edit them there to fix the audio, if so how would I go about it?

If I have to redownload them what would you advise me do to correct this audio problem?

Many thanks guys, great forum.


PS What is the best burning program in your opinion??


What format are they that you download them in AVI?
What do you convert them with?
Are they NTSC or PAL?
Have you got stuff running in the backgroung while you burn?

I use AVI2DVD it takes a bit longer but it converts without sync probs. When it has converted I use nero to burn. Don’t know if it will help now that you have already burned, but might do.


They are XVID format

Converted them via Nero Vision (used nero smartsuite and selected make DVD)

The AVIs were NTSC I changed that to PAL for the burn (I have done this hundreds of times without problem with other files)

Nothing running whilst burning.

When it has converted with AVI2DVD can you edit the menu? ie put in a picture on the main menu?



Ok I seem to have fixed one issue using virtualdub and encoding with a different audio codec.

Now my other problem I still need help with. How can I go about fixing my already burnt DVDs. Could I use dvd shrink to put them back on my computer and then edit the audio somehow and reburn with new DVDs?

How would I use virtualdub to do this? Is it possible or do I need to redownload the series?