Out of Space when burning a DVD iso

I am currently working on a script to burn iso’s to a DVD and am running into an issue where I get an error of “there is not enough space to burn this compilation to this disc”. I have no issues if I burn the iso using Nero itself but can’t get NeroCMD to work.
This is the command-line / parameters that I use. I have tried different variations of the parameters, I have tried different media and I have tried different ISO’s to no avail.

“Nerocmd.exe” --write --real --drivename e --dvd --use_allspace --iso TheISO d:*.iso --media_type media_dvd_p_r --underrun_prot --error_Log NeroError.txt

I am using the latest version of NeroCMD and have installed.

I have searched the forum with no luck. Any pointers to where I should look/what I should try would be appriciated.


no, i have the same problem, the file is 4.574 gb and the dvd is 4.480, although it says on the dvd is 4.7 gb, i could buy a 8 gb dvd but i dont think ill find one near by so its anoying