Out of Range Error

Im trying to play Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines but everytime i try to start the game my monitor shuts off and says Out of Range.

Can anyone help me?

Sure :slight_smile:

Most probably the game is set to a resolution or refresh rate your screen cannot handle, so it goes to standby. Try to change the game’s settings to something your screen can do.

If you don’t know what your screen can do, give us the brand and type and we’ll search for you!

I think the monitor is made by Ceemax and the version i think is L705XXX

The monitor is 2 years old so i dont know if that would would metter much

Hi there. Im having the same problem as the fellow above me posted.

I will run the game and then my screen will go grey and the message " Out of range" appears. I’ve not had any luck sorting out this dilemma. Any help would be much appreciated. My Monitor is a Relysis 770 and my Graphics card is a NVidia GeForce 5700LE.

Thanx a lot.

Sorry for jacking the thread by the way .

Right ok if your using an nVidia card go to the nVidia settings page here

and manually set the refresh rate to the maximum your monitor can handle at the given resolution example, my monitor will support 1024x768 @85hz but only 60hz @ 1280x1024

How can i find out how much my monitor can handle. I have set the refresh to the minimum ( 60) for the resolution that i have and it is still out of range.!!!

did you set it to 60hz for all resolutions?