Out of my country


I come here for some help. I am trying to read a cd that was made on a german pc. I know for a fact that the information is on the disk (it even plays on a german dvd player). However I cannot get it to even show files (it appears blank) on my computer. I am using a Sony Vaio (American Spec). This is not the only CD i have had this problem with. Any suggestions?

P.S. The audio CD will also play on my car but wont play on my PC.

sounds like your optic drive in the pc is giving up

I do not have problems reading any american made DVD’s or CD’s. This only happens with German made CD’s or DVD’s.

hmm, that could possibly be due to region coding then.
most drives will change the region it is, to a limit of 5 times, but possibly your drive doesnt want to. that is IF the discs you are trying even have a region code on them. if they don’t, i haven’t a clue…

I thought it may be the region code but these are CD-R’s that are burnt on PC’s using Windows (Germany). Its funny i can burn a CD and it will work on a German PC but a German PC can burn a CD and it wont work on my PC.

sorry, i dont know …

Does anyone have any else have any suggestions?

Install anydvd and then see if this will allow you to see the disc.


If this doesn’t work I have no idea.

Can you try this CD in some other computer? It could be a disc brand that does not like your drive.