Out of Memory error with Nero

I have been getting this error message for a few burns with Nero and all of these burns have worked with Clone. I am guessing it might have to do with AnyDVD but I am not sure. Here is the log file.

How much space have you got free on your HDD’s. Nero needs a minimum of 5GB free on the temporary drive that it builds the compressed image on before burning.

I have 50 Gig. That’s why I’m confused. I shouldn’t be getting this sort of error. I did just discover that I was using Nvidia atapi drivers and I couldn’t read cdrom’s. I have changed back to microsoft. Maybe there was an issue there. I will follow up.

“Out Of Memory” usually means RAM, not hard disk space.
Unless Nero has it’s own way of reporting hard disk space errors.

  • Tim

Did you change any buffer settings in Nero?

using nero as is, and I am running 1 gig of ram more than enough for any other backups. Have switched from Nvidia drivers back to Microsoft and still same problem. Also still getting bad burns on DL’s with CLonedvd while trying to back up latest war of the worlds as a DL. I get a “write error most likely bad media”, but that is another thread. I can do it by shrinking it though.

Ended up shutting down everything ecept nero and it worked fine. It must really need all the Ram it can get when doing DL as I have never turned anything off with SL burning.