Out of Memory burning VCD in Nero



If I use the built-in conversion routines in Nero
to convert MPEGs to burnable format, I’ll get “out of memory”
errors every time and end up having to reboot. This is a
Windows 2000 machine, 700Mhz, 256MB RAM and 512-1000MB
swap file range. (More than 2GB free disk space.)

If I use TMPGEnc to convert the MPEGs, then I don’t have any
problem. However, it would be convenient to rely on Nero
to do everything. Are they aware of this problem? It is
easily reproduceable.

If I drag and drop 10 10MB MPEGs, and I can sit and watch
the swap file increase in size until I get the out of memory
error. Making it bigger just delays the problem so it looks
like a genuine bug rather than just a large memory requirement.
(I.e., something just goes nuts allocating endless memory.)

Has anyone else tried using the built-in conversion with



I have exactly the same problem and I realize even reboot does not help. I finally give up on burning the compliation directly to a disk but into an image fie (ie. nrg file). Then from the Nrg to burn on the CD has no problem.

Hopefully Nero engineer will fix it soon