Our cows feel lonely :(



I just posted the article Our cows feel lonely :frowning:.

Some visitors of us, still have no cow ! You will think, so what ? But, we really need people with cows ! Our cows love to live in groups, so join our cow team ! Well, we don’t really mean a living…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/598-Our-cows-feel-lonely-.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/598-Our-cows-feel-lonely-.html)

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Never knew these guys were rednecks


Join the herd NOW !


"Never knew these guys were rednecks "

I hear my name




why do you CDFreaks do not make an automatic configuration script for this program?

So you will be shure that the people join the CDFreaks team!


I already signed up i hope to be in the top 10 very soon


I installed it on 3 of my machines… hope it’s ok



How about making the rc5 related info somewhere else (make a forum or something).

The rc5-64 challenge is NOT NEWS. It has been going on for 2½ years (have partcicipated the last 2 years myself).

Don’t get me wrong. I like this site … but the cow stuff is getting boring.


join the dutch power cows team! over 2000 members and most of the time nr 1. of the day
or http://www.tweakers.net


Mine doesn’t give milk anymore.


Well well, what can I say! I appreciate the members who logged into my server to get the CDClone Reg Cleaner, I feel like I have contributed a little something to the scene. Its a damm shame that a member/sysop called Vinny steels the credit by putting it on his server. hmm I dont get angry over such acts! you even gave some crap about the server no being on-line! So that is 2 things you have done wrong! Remember I will always help where I can! but dont appreciate members that nick the credit 4 themselves. Oh by the way I am no lamer either pal, I worked for a local firm as a Novell Netware systems adminstrator, as well as providing 1st line support to 80 personell for over 4yrs, so get yer facts right b4 you decide to give out shit about the server being down. and yes I have used the net for well over 4 yrs!!!