Oude tijden



Hee Duke, you've still got the TheDuke@freemail.nl adres??

I was surfing around the i-net and stopped by you first job.

Here is some nostalgic shit you have written.:

Wednesday, April 29, 1998

How did I do it ?
I've written this page in Notepad only. I did all the graphics with Adobe Photoshop 4.0. If you want to know anything about HTML or want to know how I created the cool nifty logo, you can always mail me at TheDuke@Freemail.nl.

Site Design
Today I started to design this brand new site layout. I'm trying to make it easier for everyone to navigate through the site. I like the new site layout, and I hope you guys will too. If you got any tips or suggestions, you can always mail them to TheDuke@Freemail.Nl. I tested this site with Internet Explorer 4.0 and Internet Explorer 3.0. And everything looked fine with these two browsers. If you got another browser, (For example, Netscape) and some part of my site looks screwed up or anything, you can always mail it to me and I'll try to fix it...


Do you remember those days ??



I’ve surfed on and found out that your adres isn’t operational anymore…furthermore i found this:

And how the F— could this happen ?!?
Well, it kinda was my own fault. I got this great utility from a friend of mine to post a message in 18000 newsgroups at one time. This is better known under the kinda negative sounding name Spamming. Of course I tested the util a bit :stuck_out_tongue: and that’s what caused me all this trouble. Some people seem to get pretty frustrated of it and if they are frustrated, they nail you pretty good. Well, what did I loss because of it ? I’ve lost 2 E-mail adresses (TheDuke@Freemail.nl and Rocking@Softhome.net / Don’t mail me on these E-mail addresses, the new one is The_Duke@Softhome.net), my site got kicked twice, my Nedstat counter is disabled, etc… So one tip: Don’t spam the newsgroups :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve learned my lesson and I don’t want you to get in the same trouble…

And from that moment on you’ll had the same email adres…right?


hehe… pretty cool
where the hell did you find this
i’ve got all the stuff still on my layout of my old site…
yep… the_duke@softhome.net is my email for ages now
btw… i’ve got my come.to url back (it was also deleted back then) http://come.to/rocking is mine… nothing there though…
those were good times indeed


I thought you’d like it.

So i can see that you don’t like notepad anymore …you now prefer homesite…

Let’s dig some more…
When were you for the first time online??
is there some older shit to find?? Did ya make more websites before 1998??

Tell Us, or tell me …


Found some more :

Great site here…
My friend Red_Bull has opened his own site. He’s the guy who provided me the great quality scans of many Twilights. Now he opened his own site on the same adres he put the covers for me to download, so I’m kinda linking of his server now, since first there were only files there and no site, but I got his permission. His site features many good warez links, so go visit it here.

Wednesday, June 17, 1998


So duke is red_bull still around ???
or what.

There is more read this, it lookes like if you are very mad and young of age…you are using now more mature words. hehheheh

Some bloody webmasters
There are some very bloody webmasters out there, linking/stealing stuff from my site. My Tl Faq seems popular as well as my covers and my back-covers. It is not allowed to link to other people’s material. Ok, I admit… some Crazy Bytes covers are link to the Crazy Bytes site, but they don’t care… It took me a lot of effort to get so many covers and I couldn’t have done without the help of others, but it’s not fair to steal it off my site. And there is one site which is just so lame. It links covers, Tl faq and downloads to me, the lists of Warez-Cd’s to the Pentagon Warez Cd Lists, the Cd-Labels to the Press-It label archive, reviews are taken from other sites and probably even more !! If you want to see it, check here. And another site just takes pages exactly from my site. News, covers, everything exact the same. You can check that here. If someone here can teach those webmasters a lesson, I would be grateful (Mailbomb, Hack the site, etc…, I don’t care)… I’m just getting real sick of this…

Thats it for now.


yes… i was like 15/16 in those days
i dunno about red bull… how the hell should i know
i must admit, my english has improved a lot since those days


Duke be honest and tell the whole story dude


hmm dom… i know i did some weird things in those days, but i don’t really have a clue to which you are referring right now ?

ah well…
old days were good… but i enjoy being a cdfreaker as much as i did enjoy doing rocking back then…


Interesting, go on.

The reveil of Duke pre-cdfreaks live!

BTW Ruffneck you’re kinda Info Freak.



my old site and my goodbye word i wrote back then



I like to dig, to find some news, but now that the duke has given away a whole site, i can’t dig anymore…everybody can read the story now…

But what about the “job before” rocking?? what was it…nothing…just a kiddy who’s going to "prep"skool…

Duke–> are you still going to school or have you given up your persenal and social life?


i’m going to university at the moment
“studenten leven” is pretty ok … (“students life” sounds kinda stupid ?")


Like were?

and what is your major??


TD, next thing you know, we all know your telphone nr, street adress, hobbies, etc, so watch what you’re saying hehe ppl remember things for a long time and spit it out all at the same time