Benq 1620 B7V9, fujifilm dvd+r, burned 8x

the movie is anchorman, i burned everything onto 1 disc, i just put the compression rate all the way down on the menu’s and extra’s

what went wrong here? the movie plays fine in my dvd player, after the burn was finished i ejected the dvd, played it, then scanned it, and there was an error with the transfer rate test.


Plays fine all the way through?

Try the transfer rate test it on another dvd drive…


PO Failure : 82, shall be 0.
PIF max : 55 is too high.

Defect on the blank media ?

Note : Fuji DVD+R 8X TY burn better @12X WOPC off.


dont have another dvd drive, maybe bad batch as i wont get to try another one til tomorrow, im new to this and i set the speed to max, i dont know how to turn WOPC off and can that damage anything? thanks for the help :iagree:


For WOPC on/off, download QSuite from support.benq.com .
This cannot damage anything.

Set the speed to 12X, not 16X (max).


i think that came on a cd with my drive, do i set the speed in decrypter before i start everything as like a preset or is that on the qsuite too? can it have anything to do with the amount of stuff i put on the disc? the only thing i took off was some audio tracks and subtitles, i left everything else, just turned down the compression on the extras and menu’s so the movie got most of the compression, thanks! :iagree:


@Ted: this has nothing to do with the compression settings, menu’s etc or how much you put on the disc. The PIF max @55 is just a lone spike so nothing to worry about there and there were only a few POF’s–since it plays fine I wouldn’t worry about it, but in general POF=coaster.
It’s probably just a media thing. Try another disc.


When you say another disc, another disc outta that same brand (fujifilm) with the WOPC disabled and if i get the same results then its def the media thats bad, and can i try burning a different movie, i dont want like seven copies of anchor man lol


Use any disc any movie or whatever. You just want to know that your drive will still burn discs that have no POF’s.
Disabling WOPC is used mostly to decrease your total burn times–at the cost of possibly worse burns. With good media like TY you turning it off doesn’t make much difference in the quality.
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Speed doesnt matter to me, i just want good quality burns, ill try that though

what part you movin to?


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ooo ok im in the northeast


i went to the benq support webpage, downloaded qsuite, fired up the program, disabled the WOPC, also changed the write thing to dvd-rom, exited qsuite, then loaded it back up to find out it didnt save any of my settings? thanks for the help


well i downloaded the qsuite, and since i cant figure out how to get it to save my settings i just left it in the backround so i can’t tell if WOPC was on or not, but anyway same probelm as before fujifilm dvd+r, yuden000 t02, 12x and same thing it plays fine but the scan was terrible


Change firmware back to B7U9 and burn again.


Excuse my ignorance, but why would one disable WOPC, which is supposed to adjust the burn to adapt to media when the problem is in the media? My understanding is that you would disable WOPC when you want faster speed and the media is flawless and the scans from above would seem to confirm this.

Am I missing something?



With my experience, you are correct. WOPC should only be disabled when the media can support it (ie, if it passes with wopc enabled and it is quality media and you want to over ride the strength of the laser).


The scan you have posted shows me that there is a problem with your system/media and not the burner. Have you checked the DMA settings for the new drive? Also do a defrag of your hard drive that has the image as temp storage. Make sure that the benq is set to master on its own IDE channel, it doesnt like to be slave to another burner. I know you are using a good power supply, but you might want to ensure it has its own 12volt leg with nothing else attached.

Also do a fresh Firmware flash.

Dont give up so easy as many have before, I think once you get this figured out you will be glad you did.


My $0.02…

I have the 1620 running B7T9 and my drive loves the Fuji Yuden media. Burns a full disc at 16x in just under 6 min. Of course there could be issues with your batch of media.

Try crankydan’s and other suggestions but also, maybe try B7T9.

Good luck!


My $0.02 cents as well:

The notion that the BenQ1620 does not like being slave is much ado about nothing. I do 95% of my ripping and burning on my OEM BenQ1620, and it is set to Slave. Never a coaster with it, worst burn 92 QS, fast rips, etc.

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ted, WOPC needs to be ENABLED for daily use or sensitive data. I believe most people here disabled WOPC for testing purpose only.