Ouch! Apple required to put up notice: 'Samsung didn't copy us'



Ouch! Apple required to put up notice: ‘Samsung didn’t copy us’.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/[/newsimage]One might wonder if the legal department of Apple is bigger than their actual R&D, as Apple has been very busy suing other companies to protect their patents. Now Apple lost and has to rectify...

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/ouch-apple-required-to-put-up-notice-samsung-didnt-copy-us-62525/](http://www.myce.com/news/ouch-apple-required-to-put-up-notice-samsung-didnt-copy-us-62525/)

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There a worm in the apple


Steve Jobs himself spent some time to destroy Google and all important Android-based devices. Apple would have not tried so hard against Samsung if Galaxy Tab died on arrival. The 10-inch iPad has a more elegant surface on the hardware, but Galaxy Tab is more useful, lighter, stronger, cheaper, has even WiBRO and PHONE, more widely available. They got annoyed because what didn’t look like the iPad was also successful.



Apple is the reincarnation of the devil.

And Samsung make better products all-round than apple anyway.


Apple makes pretty, grossly overpriced products.
Samsung makes sleek, functional, slightly overpriced products.
However, Apple is the devil. Kill it with fire !! Kill it now !!


Uh, yeahhh

The funny thing is that Samsung have always been copiers and the whole world knows it. Since trying to be Sony in the early days.
Some of their products are very nice and yes they have innovated but its pretty clear Apple leads by far in R&D and innovation.
I’m a PC user and I’m saying this (Yes I have an iPad and iPhone but I’ve never been a Mac fan)
Samsung doesn’t have product eco-system and device inter-connectivity down, Apple leads there too by far. The things you can do with an iPad and an Apple TV are damn cool !

Should Samsung trust Android and Google since they bough Motorola ? Seems like Google is about to pull a Microsoft Surface and release their own hardware, alienating partners…


The funny thing is that Samsung have always been copiers and the whole world knows it. [/QUOTE]
Everyone except the judge :slight_smile:

The problem with Apple is they make something. They don’t want anyone else to ever make it after them.

If Apple had of invented the wheel all those years back. It would exist now. But it would cost £600 for one and barely anyone would be able to use it for anything other than what apple says so.

No other company goes on like them. They are greedy, manipulative and power hungry. They sue more people than the church of scientology too.


…but its pretty clear Apple leads by far in R&D and innovation.


Can you prove that?

If you said Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were innovative at some moments, I would agree, but in R&D? Many of the best aspects in the Apple ecosystem were not invented and managed by Apple itself.

Look at these graphs.



Actually, most judges in charge of these lawsuits between Samsung Electronics and Apple are not supporting Samsung. Except in East Asia where Apple’s influence both in terms of politics and market share is yet small. Foxconn and Samsung are much more powerful and have better connections.

The United States District Court for the Northern District of California just became the third court to order a preliminary injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the second, after the Düsseldorf Regional Court, to do so over an iPad design patent (an Australian injunction, which was subsequently lifted, was based on two technical patents).

That’s why that British ruling was made into a major news worldwide.

Samsung also has Tizen and Bada. But it never gave up Windows Mobile/Phone. Google released their own hardware: Google Nexus 7 designed by Asus and made in China and Nexus Q, designed by Google and made in the US and bought Motorola Mobility. Those moves were not meant to alienate hardware partners in China and South Korea. Google cannot sell too many Nexus 7 at those low prices. Consumers are happy to buy US$200 units, but HP and Samsung got into the tablet markets in the first place expecting Apple-like profits. Apple made $200 profits out of every iPhone and iPad. Most analysts predict Google cannot make profits out of a $199 8GB Nexus 7. Most observers also agree that Google bought Motorola for its patents. That also means it wants to protect its hardware partners of Android.

Samsung’s weakest in the US and strongest in South Korea. Since Cupertino-based Apple is strongest in the US, Samsung announced and released some of their flagship mobile products in the UK, not in South Korea or the US, but Apple market share’s being threatened even in the US market as this article points out.

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