Otr - 5005

When you use the ‘instant timed recording’ feature instead of setting up the timer, isn’t the machine supposed to power off when the timer hits zero? It allows you to increment the recording time in 30 minute increments.

I used it last night and found this morning that it had stopped recording ok at the correct time, but the machine was still powered on.

Seems to be quite a few problems with this model judging by some of the posts. Mines new and so far has been fine, I am using Maxell RW disks and they will play back in a JVC DVD player no problem…so far…

Maybe the same timeout trouble we having on the 5026???

The same has happened to me everytime I’ve used otr.

As far as I know OTR is supposed to work this way. It’s a One Touch Recording button that will record for how long you choose and will add 30 minute increments every time you hit it. It is only a timer for recording time and not for the auto off of the 5XXX.

I think the point is that the standby timer (I have a 5026 like Roden) only works on timed recordings. It doesn’t work on OTR or even if you just switch the unit out of standby.

According to the manual for the 5026 (Under GUI Operation):
" ‘Auto Sleep’ sets how long the DVD recorder is switched to ‘standby’ mode when no operation of the system is detected (eg recording, playback, timer record, or editing)."

This is obviously not the case with the 5026, as myself and Roden have discovered. I have so far found it only works with Timed and Copy operations.

If the 5005 is anything like the 5026 (and I see many of the Liteon units are similar - if not the same) then this is surely a bug.

I would say there is a bug in the system all the LVW5005s and LVW5006 have a auto time off of 120mins but if left on will stay on 24/7. The OTR is just for the recording onto media and is useful if you need to pop out or don’t want to recive a "disk full " message (some have found it hard to finalise a disk if they get a disk full message )