Others ways to buy CCD?

Is there another way to get a reg code for CloneCD, other then over the net with a credit card. I ask this as I don’t have one and want to buy my copy of CCD

Contact support@elby.ch I’m sure you can work something out…

can’t you buy/order it in a shop near you??

Originally posted by damiandimitri
can’t you buy/order it in a shop near you??

Unfortunately only in a limited amount of countries, we would like to sell it in our shop (NL/BE only), but currently the amount of packages you have to buy at once is too big :frowning: , so we’ll have to find other companies to buy them together.

a pity…because i know the Mediamarket in Germany sells it.

I wish that I could damiandimitri. But I don’t think many places would try and sell it here really. Thanks G@M3FR3@K I’ll do that and see what they say. :slight_smile: