Other websites stealing our information - Please read

We do not want links to pages containing warez at our forum.

That’s why I edited the post…


…domin8tor asked for help …so i gave it…and now you do not want links…
Then what do you want…!!!..i just gave the link with the info on it.

Haha no damiandimitri, the thread was intended to tell other webmasters and/or users that also post on other forums to please use our forum as the source of the information, we don’t need links to websites stealing information as that would be free advertisement for them…

(not that this thread has already several thousand views, that is already more then some sites get in a week :wink: )



ok…i stop beeing a :cop:

Originally posted by DoMiN8ToR
That’s just one of the sites that doesn’t know how to behave polite. Besides that, the leaking CloneCD was already posted on our forum, but we did we post about it ? No, probably because it’s not stable, and has not been released for reasons.

Is that so? I always do my best mentioning the sources of my findings??


Do you want more than that?

Originally posted by dividezero

Is that so? I always do my best mentioning the sources of my findings??

That’s really fair !!! :wink:

Also have a look here:

I never intended to do anything to upset the CDFreaks crew… :confused: