Other tools like nero Scandisc that work with the 4163B?

i’ve just burn an image and closed the disc
usung latest firmware A105 using latest nero .15a
now the Nero CD-DVD Speed won’t Scandisc a closed data DVD
and exit the program as i press the “Start” button :confused:
but speed test its willing to perform (and it goes fine)…weird

i rebooted and it doesn’t help
inserted other disc and it works with

are there any other DVD tool that work with the LG 4163B, which can do
file & surface scan to verify that there are
t any bad\damaged blocks on the DVD ?

i guess i won’t be closing DVD …i ScanDisc each one for bad blocks

LG 4163 does not support quality testing.


I think he just wants to do verify and surface scan. I used to use DVD Info Pro to verify burns, because it had an option to verify an ISO image or Video_TS folder against a burned disc. But that was a long time ago… now I do quality scans with the BenQ 1620.

thanks, i used DVDINFO PRO on that DVD and it worked
i only want to verify the data is 100% OK…no quality stuff, since i’ll burn only on
VERBATIM or RITEK …meanwhile i’ll finish the lousy LG got with the DVD-RAM

You don’t need quality scans because you use Verbatim or Ritek?

Verbatim I can understand having confidence in (despite very occasional QA hiccups), but Ritek? Eurgh. No way, not without scanning.