Other than NERO?

Other than NERO which is the best “basic” burning program that does everything NERO does?

Stomp RecordNow Max is 1 of the better “basic” programs…very stable engine,and easy to use…:slight_smile:


Did you try Nero Express?

I tried CDMate and thought it was the “cats meow” over NERO, that is until in the middle of a burn I got an error saying something about digital something or another and it would no longer burn digitally for the audio tracks or something like that and ever since that error neither my cdrom or cdrw drives would auto play anything, from audio cd’s to data cd’s to program or game install cd’s.
I did an extensive internet search as well as forum searches here and in other forums visit and to no avail I found absolutely nodda for an answer on how to fix, so I tried every way microsoft said when cd’s don’t play and nothing fixed it, so I reformatted and now am very leary about what to install burning program wise and and ASPI layer.

Easy CD Creator. But i would never use that :wink:

Whilst I’ve never used the program (I use either nero or burnatonce), NTI’s cd-maker has a very good reputation as general mastering app.

ahh yes. NTI CD Maker is quite good. i dont think its as powerful as nero though