Other programs report DVDFab file output have problems

After writing DVD files to a HDD folder, I have to use Nero or another mastering package to write the DVD (see me previous issue explaining why - and any here there would be appreciated too).

but… just about any program grumbles about the DVDFab output files saying one of the .nfo files don’t belong, or one of the VOB files are invalid.

Anyone else having this issue?

Thanks for any assistance,


Here is a ‘grumble’ from Nero when trying to burn the DVDFab output files:

  Title:	Nero Burning ROM
  Text:	DVD-Video files reallocation failed. The resulting DVD-Video might be unplayable. Do you want to continue?

Any ideas?


Re reallocation, when I was having problems with the Fab VSO engine used Nero, a 6.6 version I think. Used to get that error more than once, but always took “continue”, Nero completed with no other issues, and discs played fine.


Yes, I had the error problem on v6.6 but havve since upgraded to Nero v7, and still get them.
I know I never got them prior to using the DVDFab software packages, and since starting with them, DVDShrink can not open anything processed by them (including personally encoding home movies (they were too big for a DVD5, so DVDFab crunched them down to size to 4.36GB size.)
Out of curiousity, I checked to see their compliance w DVDShrink, same errors. (as those DVD movies I backed up with DVDFab).

Here is a little more insight into Nero reporting of the errrors.
(but I agree the DVDs play fine, but this still makes me wonder WHY the errors are occurring to begin with:)

8:25:35 AM	#2 DVDREALLOC -24 File DVDVideoCompilation.cpp, Line 1211
One or more files (mostly VOB file(s)) do not belong to the corresponding IFO file
8:25:35 AM	#3 Phase 115 File dlgbrnst.cpp, Line 1725
DVD-Video files reallocation failed
8:25:57 AM	#4 Phase 132 File dlgbrnst.cpp, Line 1725
DVD-Video files compliance ignored

Thanks again for your time.


No… I installed it on a second PC to verify it woudl/wouldn’t allow a one device copy and does (on that other system).
It might be that on my ‘main’ system it once did allow me to, but I can not remember so, and I’m unable to figure out how to re-enable it. :frowning:

(but… while the 2 systems are physically different hardware, the OS is also different: XP: does not work, .Net Server: works)

Thanks for your time, Fengtao



“Sounds strange, as if you have the source and target drives (your burner) set the same, after rip Fab should prompt to insert blank media.”
It does not allow me to select the DVD writer as the target, therefore I never get the ‘insert media prompt’.

I’ll be posting some screenshots to show the problem I’m experiencing.

“Mack is right that Fab always rips to temp directory first…”
“…but figure you know that as you have burned successfully on your brothers system…”
correct… But… well, screenshots forthcoming.

Thanks for your time, Larry3030cd


Found this from Cynthia…maybe it will help?


Scroll down…near the bottom…“DVD-Video files reallocation failure”.

Hope this helps, good luck


Doh… posting replies to the wrong thread.
(the above reply or two did not pertain to this issue.)


Thanks, Maineman.
That was helpful but I’m not sure if it applies.

This occurs on ALL DVDFab generated copies/backups, ALL.
I can use DVDShrink, or any number of other tools and none of them cause Nero to scream about the IFOs. I still think it has to do with DVDFab.

thanks though.