Other programs like Kprobe

Is there any program out there like Kprobe, that show the pi/po error rates??? I have a Plextor px-708a & would like to see MY write quality. I read somewhere you need a Lite-On drive to use Kprobe & I don’t have one. But would be nice to have such a prg to see the quality of the burn with the Plextor.

As far as I know it’s not possible, you’ll have to get a PX-712 for that.

I can’t answer the question, however, I would like to know of a Kprobe alternative for testing CDR’s. I have CD Doctor which performs c1/c2 error testing, however, it is not as user friendly as Kprobe, but I just can’t get Kprobe to work with my Memorex branded 5224 Lite-on (which I have flashed the latest LO firmware for that drive, 6F, I think it is). Kprobe recognizes the drive as a Liteon, it recognizes the lite one firmware, it can read the ATIP of the CD-R/W’s but for somereason, it will not run the c1/c2 error testing regardless of what discs I use.

For some reason KProbe (at least on my comp) refuses to scan if I use another ASPI layer than Adaptec’s. There’s workaround though, temporary remove wnaspi32.dll in your System32 directory which will force KProbe into using SPTI(?) if my memory serves me right. Once you’re done move it back.

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Is there any program out there like Kprobe
UM Doctor Pro.II by Sanyo & OptoRite

Hey Dizzy, I’ll try that. Do you know of anyway of checking/changing the ASPI used through the Control Panel in Win98 SE?