Other music companies are waiting

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Yesterday we reported that Bertelsmann (BMG Music) made a deal with Napster. They would drop the case against them and together they would create a new Napster like service.
Bertelsmann also invited…

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Looks like napster is finished then. If the companies dont cooperate then they will b shut down by the courts and if they do cooperate we have 2 pay - and i dont think thats a habit wed like 2 get into is it? RIP napster

Shut up already! What a bunch of morons! I’m not trilled by the major in the music industry, but for a small monthly fee, why not still use napster? You could still preview track, and buy them if you like them. You still would not have to buy a whole cd containing only one worthy song! It’s a stupid attitude like yours that’s going to cost us in the long run…

Maybe you should work for free to! The name or the game is capitalism you prick!

Napster is a cool prg but its not my main source for music.
and moloch010 is right if you like it you buy it thats simple i do.

I listen 1st the mp3 and if the cd is good i buy it!!

All these “it’s fair enough that we should be”-guys may be right, but aren’t they forgetting something? At most, 2 or 3 percent of the current Napster users are ready to paid, the rest will just find other ways to get their music, so we will NOT be paying for Napster as we know it, but for a very downscaled version instead.

Personally I hardly buy CD’s anymore. I don’t see the point of paying for something I can get for free that won’t get me thrown in jail. However, the main benefit of Napster for me was the ability to get hold of music that is no longer available or extremely rare. Anyway, you can’t shut napster down. You can shut napsters servers down, but there are many other napster compliant servers around that will not be shut down. So no worries!

in responce more to moloch more than anyone, the fact is that the game of capitalism would have eventually send the U.S and Canada into a downward spiral towards a revolution the reason that this is prevented is because of socialist reforms. Such as healthcare(canada) and so on Wellfare(both) and the likes. Anyway that’s not the point, the point is we’re talking about something for nothing, or are we? Music has been around for a long time, and people have been making money at it much longer then recordings have existed. The fact is that no matter how much online piracy goes on, if you like the band, you’ll probably go to the concert. I think what a lot of us have always felt is that we go out buy a cd and get ripped off, maybe it only has 30 min of play or maybe only one song was any good. Or maybe we’re sick of mainstream crap being shoved down our throats, and what pisses us off even more is that the people that control what gets out to the public are moving to control more of it by way of a deal with napster. I for one will say right now i will not pay for napster. I also think they are fairly arrogant to believe that napster is the only way us commoners can get the files in the first place, i remember ftps, websites, and irc, don’t you? So, in some kind of screwed up closing. I think i speak for a lot of people when i say i hate most big corporations, i hate what has happened to what we listen to, what we watch, i think it’s disgusting the monopolies that already exist and that i for one have no problem in doing something illegal to take a bit of that back, a little piece of control in a world that has been bought and sold to the highest bidder and where we’re just waiting for someone to come and charge us for air. So capitalism may be the “game” but i think it’s time we play something else.