Other Media

What other DVD+R Media can be used with the Pioneer DVR-112D & 111D;besides Verbatim & TY?

I’ve got those.Would like a few more alternatives tho!

Sony should also be good. The 16x +R are fine in my 111L.

Good thing with the Pioneers is that they take almost anything and does well on it. So far ProdiscF01 is the worst i tried and it’s still good. I can repeat myself and say the Infiniti MCC02RG20 is close to a clean match for 111+112 when burned at 4 and 6x :slight_smile:

Here’s some Media that I just ordered to try-out on the Pioneer:






Made sure that I had plenty to work with.LOL… :bigsmile:

Not sure about the DVDRW and DL. I’ve tried CMC and RICOH DL media on the 112 and it’s been ok… Rest of the media you ordered should go down like strawberry pie :smiley: