Other DVD ROM / RW can't read disk from LG GSA-4163B


I hope someone can help with this strange problem.
I am burning my backup data from hardisk to my LG GSA-4163B ver A.101 using NERO 6.0, and they seem to come out OK with no errors and I can read this DVD on my LG.

But this DVD can’t read on a different PC DVD drives (have tried on 3 DVD drives with different brands).

Has anyone seen this before, or have any ideas?


Hi & welcome.

Three things.

  1. Update to the A105 firmware.
  2. Get the latest Nero version , avoid Nero 7 for now.
  3. If you’re trying to read them on another PC did you close (finalise) the discs?

Thank You for your quick reply.
I’m just getback from a long vacation :cool:
Now I will try your sugestion.