OTF On-The-Fly problems



Hi guys!

I was wondering if there is any solution to my problem…

First off let me give you a load-down on my set up I have 8 Pioneer 108 drives. 2 of which are on the secondery IDA and 6 are on Sil ATA PCI cards.

I use this set up to copy 4 different disc OTF to 4 empty disc at 8x speed. It has been working for almost 1 year now. (I read some where that someone asked if it was possible, YES, and I can burn an iso to all 8 drives at once with no problem)
The reason I have all drives as writes is that: for one on the SIl ATA card if I install any thing orther than a pioneer 108 then the ripping realy start to zig-zag (very inconsistent). As you all know pio 108 starts riping at 5.19xand goes up to about 13x. So this is limiting my burn speed to 8x OTF and higher is a waist cause 12x burning will only happen at about 90% due to the limited ripp speed of the pioneer.
On the other hand I used to have an NEC 3500 on the Secondery IDE with a pioneer and the NEC could rip up to 16x so I could copy at that speed, the drive went defctive after about a year of heavy straining and I got an NEC 3520.

My problem: The New NEC could rips perfectly when it was only ripping (that is to a hard drive), but would seruiosly slow down if I was coping from it OTF to the pio. It would do fine till about 10% into the burn then woulod slowly start to slow down from 8x at 10% to about 6x at finish. I have 80pin cable and I checked the UDMA on the Pio (that is on the same IDE) is UDMA 4 while the NEC was at UDMA 2. I sold the NEC and went and got an AOPEN 1648 (which I discovered was finally a DVD-rom that could compare to NEC drives in respect of rip speed). But I had the same issue… Pioneer would stay at UDAM 4 and the AOpen would be auto configured at UDMA 2. I am not sure that this is the reason for the OTF problem, just tought to mention it. I was thinking maybe I should switch the cable to 40pin and with this force the pioneer to also be set to UDMA 2 ??? just an idea or maybe not.

Does any one have an idea to why this is happening. Also so could this UDMA 2-4 thing be the reason why only pioneers work fine on the Sil image ATA controller, but no other drive (the I have tried do). They both up fine (NEC or Aopen) on the Sil image, but even if I just rip to hard drive they dont rip as fast as they should.