OT? Universal BUSlink (good?) rebranded Liteon?



Since this “is” a lite-on newsgroup/forum, I am wondering how good the Universal BUSlink compares to the 811s.

The model # is the Part #: DVRW812D 8X.

Is this a liteon rebranded? If so, which model and how does it fair.

thanks, just curious.


It looks like that should indeed be a LiteOn drive.
Of corse there are no guarantee’s…

There is a review on the 811S at the top of this forum. Have a read for yourself and see :iagree:


Would it be just as good, or inferior, or…??:o

What I meant to say was wouldn’t the Lite On be better?


Well yes and no.

If it’s a LiteOn then it’s a LiteOn. The performance should be exactly the same because it is the same.
The only possible downside is that you may have to flash the firmware from BusLink to LiteOn. This can potentially void your warranty if BusLink is the one you have to deal with for warranty purposes.
But from the link I gave you it appears the BusLink comes with LiteOn firmware anyway so that wouldn’t be a concern.

Be aware that post is already a little old, who knows, maybe BusLink switched suppliers. I doubt it, but you never know.

Overall, if it’s the same price you might as well buy a LiteOn.