[OT] Replacement for Pioneer DVD-105

Hi all,

my pio DVD105 has stopped its loud whirring and I’m seeking a drive which is fast and accurate in DVD Video ripping, as well as a lil’bit quiter :o

Have heard Lite-ons can do magic, anyone with a good ripper can suggest?

Thank you

  • Ludlum

Yes, Lite-On drives is among the fastest rippers, but they are not among the best for DVD-Writing quality.

If you want a quite drive: The NEC ND-2500A is a good choice, but you have to use a hacked firmware to get good ripping speeds.

It’s a tough decision :wink:

Thank you OC-Freak,

after reading you ND-2500A review, I went for it. Good buy at all, now am searching for a DVD ripper coz I want to avoid to strain the burner as much as possible, and maybe get something faster at DVD-Video ripping. Any idea?

  • Ludlum

now am searching for a DVD ripper

The LiteOn drives are very good rippers.

ok guys thanx…but can I expect to squeeze from Liteons a little bit more than the somewhat lousy 3x-6x that ND-2500 gives out? After all they are rated 16x, arent they? Are they spinning so much loud?

PS. Can’t find LTD163/166 anymore. Is the SOHD-167T (the only one left on Liteon’s website) in the same league? Or should I look at http://www.jlms.com.tw/new_p_E/jlms_165X.htm (JVC Liteon joint venture)?

  • Ludlum


The best DVD-Roms are made by Toshiba. At rpc1.org, there are hacked firmwares available which allow ripping of CSS-protected discs @10x max. In addition, DVD- and DVD+ can be read at full speed (burning quality needs to be good). My recommendation is SD-M 1712. If it is no longer available, go for a SD-M 1802.

Toshiba DVD-Roms are more quiet than LiteOn and have much lower seektimes. Very nice drives.

AFAIK LiteON drives can reach speeds of 10x-12x while ripping a DVD.

Hm… If I remember correctly, they only reach this speed when the disc is not css-protected. With css-protected discs, my 163 and 166s only reached 8-10x max.