OT - fire/water safe for CDR discs

I’m looking at a small safe for storing CDR backups. Has anyone done the research on these? What is available in the US that will do the job? A quick trip through Office Max raised more questions than it answered. It looks as though it takes a pretty expensive box to keep the temp down in a fire. I’m wondering if a plain oak file will be as functional as these plastic boxes are.

well what i thought about doing is renting a safety deposit box at a bank and storing backups there. They only charge like 12 bucks a year here at my bank.

Good thought. I’m thinking about on-site storage. The best value and function combination I’ve found so far is the “Fire King Media Vault”. It’s supposed to keep discs at under 125’F for 1 hour in a 1700’F fire. Best rating I’ve seen in the smaller boxes. I suppose the simplest thing is to just keep a set at someone else’s home.
Of course, if there’s a meteor impact or earthquake I suppose both sets could be destroyed. :eek:

perhaps you could upload all of your cd’s to a web storage place?:cool: