OT: DVD's won't play in my player

Well for the second time in 2 weeks I rented a DVD that wouldn’t play on my Yamaha DVD player model #S700.The first one was “The Mexican” (Brad Pitt,Julia Roberts - Dreamworks DVD) and the second was “Monkeybone” (Brendan Frasier - 20th Century Fox)Both discs when put in I got a screen message saying “this type of disc cannot be played,please insert a different disc”)Both were rented from my local Blockbuster video store and are region 1 discs.Do anyone know why? Thanks,John
FYI both played fine in my “modified” APEX player I keep in my office to tape DVD’s to SVHS. I know my DVD player is one of the first but I’ve never had this problem until recently. I know the people on this site are the sharpest on the planet,Please help !!
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How old is your’re Yahama DVD player? Make certain that it is multiread compatible, or as the techs call it, “backwards compatible”, simply meaning that it has been developed to read both CD and DVD media. This may have no bearing on the problem but with that aside the field narrows. I haven’t ran into this problem but my unedchewmakated guess is that these newer movies might be recorded onto DVD RAM, ROM, R or another type of DVD writable media. WHY, I dont know, but I do know that some of the newer forms of DVD ROM can hold up to and in excess of 8 Gigs of media.OH, one more thing…if the disk wont read, clean it…if the disk won’t play, check screen resolution.

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Thanks for your reply. My Yamaha DVD is one of the first generation to have DTS so it’s about 4 or 5 yrs old.Even the Apex had trouble reading “Monkeybone” but it finally did so I recorded it to SVHS. Is this the future??? New discs that won’t play in old
players??? UUGGHHHHH !!!