OT: DMA settings in WinXP



I had the old via 3.14 miniport drivers on my system till about 2 weeeks ago..but could not get Nero CD Speed to work so got rid of them and now this works...but

Device manager is reporting my Primary IDE channel is PIO mode...not UDMA2

my secondary channel is ultra dma...

Now I am pretty sure Primary channel is set to LTD 163 and secondary set to liteon 48125W...is therre a way to force WinXP to see this correctly....
so that both are running Ultra DMA 2???

I confirmed the LTD 163 is only rnning on PIO mode...why???It was UltraDMA 2 with the VIA 3.14 miniport drivers

Heck while I am asking...I am using an ATA 100 cable for the cdrw and an ATA 66 cable for the dvd


Reinstall your motherboard drivers. If that doesn’t work, you might need to do a clean boot…


remove(delete) the IDE channel from the device manager and let it reinstall it automatically. Worked for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Also VIA 4in1 4.40 cured some windows XP jerkiness.


You must go into the device manager under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers click the advanced tab for the primary or secondary IDE channel and set both device 0 and 1 to DMA if available, reboot and it should Change to DMA


I will give the suggestions a try thanks…


I figured if I uninstalled the Primary channel this would work but was hoping I could change a winxp …the reason is just never know if you uninstall something whether MS will let me have it back…

anyway thanks OC-Freak as always…I bit the bullet uninstalled and went smooth as can be…back to UDMA2