OT? Converting MPG/AVI to DVD *Ulead/Encore

Maybe I’m somewhat new to DVD authoring, but having used Avid Media composer (in pro edit bays), this is still a little (MPEG/AVI Burning to DVD) to me.

Anyway, I noticed that it took (still going actually) a while to convert a measly 131 MB of AVI/MPG to DVD format using Ulead.

Is there a setting perhaps that I am not getting? Is Encore faster? It seems slow to convert, or is it more like, "…welcome to DVD Authoring…? "

XP 2600, 1 GIG RAM, ALL HD 7200 RPM, * meg cache.


PS, please tell me where to post this where I can get the most help.


Its not authoring the AVI for you, it re-encodeing it first to DVD standards , thats whats taking the time. Authoring will just take a few minutes at the end of the encode.

You say its taking a long time (how long is a piece off string?) but whats long for you might be short for others, so approx HOW long is it actually taking ?

How Do I Burn DVD On Ulead Studio 10

[QUOTE=Simeono;2538206]How Do I Burn DVD On Ulead Studio 10[/QUOTE]

Check the program guide FAQ or export the content as iso oder dvd video and burn away with Imgburn.