(OSX) To Boldly Go Into the IFO

Here’s a question for the codeheads out there who have dipped into the hexadecimal soup that is the .IFO file.

I’m on a Mac, or rather in front of one, and don’t have nifty programs like IFOEDIT available. That hasn’t stopped me from tweaking a few things within the IFO file on my MOVIE ONLY copies.

Some disks never got the correct language-track settings at the factory. When I do a MOVIE ONLY copy, I of course remove the menus for choosing a particular audio or subtitle stream.

I’ve used a hex editor and plopped in the correct language codes for audio and subtitles, and when necessary added the “director’s commentary” code as well. This page (http://www.mpucoder.com/dvd/) was useful to figure out that part; as well as this table of the ISO 639-1 codes (http://www.geo-guide.de/info/tools/languagecode.html).

My question is this: is there a place where I can set a particular subtitle track to automatically come on? I have a fair number of foreign-language DVDs – one of the reasons I love DVD2OneX is because it handles subtitles.

Could this be a possible new feature for future releases of DVD2One?

Could you run IFOedit once (using VPC if you had to), and use the info from jmp1963 to insert the subtitle commands and then examine the changes with a combo of ResCompare and Hexedit to see what changes were made?

After doing a couple, it should be cake to do them in the future without IFOEdit.