OSX MAC new DVD Burner

I want to buy a new DVD Burner for my Dual G4 mac. The old NEC ND1300A dosent burn any longer :sad: !!
I read somewhere that not all DVD burners on the market are OSX / Mac compatible! …but I didnt find any articles on apples’s site about that topic.
Can anyone say me something about this …or does a list exisist with compatible DVD burners?

From Roxio’s Toast FAQ:

Q. Which CD Recorders are supported?
A. Toast 5 Titanium for Mac OS X should work with all external FireWire CD and DVD recorders and built-in recorders attached to the IDE bus.

Q. Which USB recorders are supported?
A. Only USB recorders that are Mass Storage Compliant are supported under Mac OS X. If the recorder functions as a CD- or DVD-ROM reader in Mac OS X, Toast will be able to access the drive as well. All other USB recorders require a driver update from their vendor to gain functionality under Mac OS X.

Q. Which SCSI recorders are supported?
A. On Mac OS 9, Toast 5 Titanium supports all previously supported SCSI devices.

On Mac OS X, Toast 5 Titanium supports all SCSI devices that support the MMC
standard (Multi Media Command set). Virtually all CD-RW drives shipped in
the last three years support some flavor of the MMC standard. As of Mac OS X
version 10.1.2, due to a minor bug in Apple’s Mac OS X driver for SCSI MMC
devices, Toast may require a free third-party patch to be installed before it
can recognize SCSI MMC devices. This utility can be downloaded at

I think a lot of peoples problems were due to buying USB drives without checking the specs out first.
Plus the first iMacs had a big issue with 90% of drives out there, your G4 should be fine.

Thx alot!
i bought the BenQ EW164B. 2min ago I burned my first Verbatim DVD.
It looks like the drive works fine!!

good choice :slight_smile:

Anyone tried installing a internal Plextor or LiteOn DVD writer on a Mac w/OSX?

Yes, I installed a LiteOn with OS X. I installed a LiteOn 16X DVD+/-R Double Layer burner in a Mac G4 Flat Panel (Cake Mac) running MacOS X. It will read anything, including DVDs, but will not burn. Drive model is SHW-160P6S04C.

What CD burning app are you using?

I used iTunes.

Okay, first get hold of Roxio’s Toast, it will recognise a lot more writers that OSX on its own.

Other than that you could always try PatchBurn

Hello, I have a question about buring dual layer DVDs using Toast. I have an iBook w/ an external Pioneer A09 drive.

In Toast 7, there are two options I can choose from.

  1. Under the Data Tab: DVD-ROM (UDF)
  2. Under the Video Tab: DVD-Video from VIDEO_TS

This 2nd option is how I back up commercial movies onto single layer DVDs. However, I was told that I should use the 1st option to burn my movie onto dual layer DVDs. I would really appreciate some direction from anyone who’s used Toast 7 to burning DL DVD’s before. The DL coasters get pretty expensive. Thanks everyone in advance!