Oscars academy wants to shun simultaneous DVD releases

I just posted the article Oscars academy wants to shun simultaneous DVD releases.

It looks as
though the concept of releasing a movie to DVD at the same time it hits the
theater, does not sit well with those behind the Oscar awards…whoever they
are. The Motion Picture…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12070-Oscars-academy-wants-to-shun-simultaneous-DVD-releases.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12070-Oscars-academy-wants-to-shun-simultaneous-DVD-releases.html)

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then its simple scrap the awards and release everything at the same time its what we want

The only movies that win Oscars anyway are those that no one bothers to go see because they suck. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well 50 years ago the Oscars meant something. Now, theres 20 different awards to go out for the movies. and they all suck. I should give a shite if Keannu gets a best actor award for the matrix part 4. Just release the dam thing on DVD so I can watch it right away

Just goes to prove that big business does not give a crap about what their customers want. All they want to do is keep things either traditional or most profits. In this case though, I think they would profit more from selling the dvd’s as soon as the movie is out. I woulda bought Superman Returns as soon as I left that theatre…but no I gotta go back and watch it again, instead of spending only 20 bux to buy it, they nickel and dime me 10 bux each time.

As one of the other posters noted I don’t see any corellation between how many oscras movie has won and how good it is. In fact it’s quite opposite. 11 oscars for Titanic??? Come on… So it’s not a big loss in my eyes.

Maybe the academy members are afraid there’ll no longer be a market for their screener DVDs. Perhaps they think they’re better than everyone else because they get to see new movies [legally] in the comfort of their own homes while the rest of us have to slum it in the cinema. We can’t take that away from them now can we - it’s the only thing that makes them feel like real men (or women).

I can see cinemas being a dying breed unless they offer something that a home theater enthusiast will never have. Why not have theaters that are the size of an IMAX and a state of art sound system. Some of the theaters here in town sound worse than my home system. I have an IMAX theater here but it mostly shows educational movies but maybe that is changing since they are showing Batman Begins, but I have this movie already on DVD. It would look sweet though seeing it again on that HUGE screen!:slight_smile:

When 3 Six Mafia won an award I knew it was rigged. “Three six Mafia: 1 Martin Scorsese: 0”

In a related story, dinosaurs voted not to become extinct.