Os-Mediatrade shipment time

I’ve ordered some dvd-r, cd-r, dvd-rw and dvd cases (fot 75.99€) from Os-Mediatrade the last 15th of October, making the EU-banktransfer the 18th of October.
Since then the status of my order is stuck to “Processing” and they hadn’t answered me three times in a row (to three emails I sent them).

Som what I’m basically asking you is: is Os-Mediatrade a reputable online shop?
How long does it take the EU-banktransfer drom Italy to Germany to arrive?
Why don’t they answer me???


Really, personally i hadn’t good experiences with them, similar like your problem, no answers on emails, long delivery time i mean longer as usual. The best thing in your case,
you’re tryin them to call, there should be a phone number on their site, that’s what i’ve done!
If you’ve ordered Taiyo Yuden media, there are also other good shops. But remember some people would say Os-Mediatrade is good and some not, and normally a banking transfer should be about 2-4 days.

Rapid fire: can you suggest me others good online shops?
I think I’ll wait the Os-MediaTrade up to a point (2 weeks from my order) because I’ve subscribed to the reimbursement contract they offer for every purchase you make from them, after that time I’ll cancel my order and have my money back (not from Os-MediaTrade, but from a third party bank who offers that reimbursement program).

You could order from SVP. (shipping costs are high, but prices low and reputation is good.)

For example gropp-shop
opusshop or cdr24 , not DVD24 it’s not the same and finally xmediatrade , spikemedia

Just a quick update: just today Os-Mediatrade changed my order status from “Processing” to “Dispatched” so I have to reconsider them for not having answered my emails: probably the only guy who runs Os-Mediatrade is overly busy (as I’ve red somewhere here).

However I think I’ll receive my order next week (although the DHL-Euro Express service delivers also during Saturday) - we’ll see if it’s allright with it.

Update: as of today I’ve received all my items except one that is wrong.
Infact I’ve ordered the Primeon dvd-r and they sent me the +r version.
Now, I’m trying to contact them by email, to no avail., by fax, to no avail, and by phone, to no avail.

What can I do?

Thanks for the replies.

I had one bad experience with this shop (amongst many good experiences), which they solved in the end by letting me keep the wrong item and sending a new one for free. See if they do the same for you. :wink:

That’s exactly what I was answered by email (finally!!!) today. And that’s a good behaviour to have to cherish the customer. Kudos for Os-Mediatrade.

I’ve got only a doubt: they have only answered me today by email, on the contrary they had been ignoring my emails before, I’m wondering why…?? :confused:

However, I live in Italy, what other reputable and reliable (from your experience - and who answers to the emails) online store do you suggest me (for the future)?

Many thanks.

I mostly use svp.co.uk now, the shipment cost to Holland is lower and their general prices are lower too. But os-mediatrade has some mediatypes that svp does not have, for instance a good choice of dvd-ram (and also cd protection spray).

Can you tell me if purchases from Svp (which is England-based) are loaded with local importation duties (taxes)? :confused:

I’m asking you this because Os-Mediatrade, being Germany-based, in within the EU and as a such without local iportation duties. :bigsmile:

Same with SVP, they charge VAT for EU residents, never had to pay duties here.

BTW, I know the situation in Holland is good, but AFAIK in Belgium they do not ship any longer because of problems with the delivery service. Not sure how this is in Italy.