Orrin Hatch to chair Senate Intellectual Property subcommittee

I just posted the article Orrin Hatch to chair Senate Intellectual Property subcommittee.

johnzap used our news submit to tell us that Orrin Hatch has been put at the helm of the Senate
committee responsible for writing new copyright and patent laws. Needless to
say, this is a…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10010-Orrin-Hatch-to-chair-Senate-Intellectual-Property-subcommittee.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10010-Orrin-Hatch-to-chair-Senate-Intellectual-Property-subcommittee.html)

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Great. This is like having Charles Manson as a male nurse.

One would hope that, in order to chair a committe on Intellectual Property, one would be expected to actually possess some of that. :frowning:

Corpution at its best…Wonder how much the RIAA or others paid for this?

Seems that Russia is getting more liberal than the good old USA! The US governement a democracy?Don’t make me laugh…a corporacy it is…:r

Yeah well it is funny that about the time Glickman hopped in the saddle at the MPAA ol Orifice Hatch had a change of heart. I guess he is going to be retraining on the taxpayers nickle for a new job with the RIAA. Who knows? Funny how things have been working out for some of these carreer politicians.

I guess simple thing to do here, all companies stop doing business with the USA and go elsewhere. China is a HUGE market, so is India. Why should they worry about a market that is only 20% of the the total world population that is trying to tell it how to do business. Seems like simple math to me. Deal with the largest part of the market that will buy your products, not enforce strict draconian rules on you. This would be like if Apple was trying to tell the computer world how it should do business. Everyone would laugh at them expect for the zealots. Dump the states, let them go into bankruptcy and become like the third world countries that they keep invading.

Ranmacanada: Here’s hoping Mr. Martin tells George W. where to go with his dreams of a North American Union or we may well have to put up with a limited form of some of their BS. Given Martin’s usual modus operandi of telling ol’ George where to go, hopefully he’ll continue on his usual path and there will be no union rubbish in our future. After all, who can forget the RectalReaming ™ that was so-called Free Trade… (thanks ever so much Brian)
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